Monday, 10 December 2012

Warning: the manufacturing of meth is illegal in all states and can increase the risk of cancer,explosion or death. Please consult your local physician on chemical poisoning!

What you will need for ingredients:

100%  lye
Virgin liquid drano
Cold packs (amonium nitrate)
pure pseudophedrine
1. 2 liter of pepsi
2 feet of clear gas line
1. 20 oz. pepsi
 measuring spoon utensils
1 bottle of pure salt
1 can of starting fluid
2 glass mason jars
1 lithium battery
coffee filters

Empty all pepsi bottles and rinse out pepsi until completely dry. Crush all pseudophedrine until fine dust. Spray half a can of started fluid in dry 20 oz. bottle. Pour pseudophedrine crushed pills in 20 oz. bottle with starter fluid. Pour 1.5 tablespoons of lye in 20 oz. bottle with starter fluid and etc. Pour 3 tablespoons of amonium nitrate(cold pack) into pepsi bottle with starter fluid etc. Slice open lithium battery and remove lithium from strips and break into pieces and drop into 20 oz. bottle. Spit a small amount of saliva into bottle. place cap on 20 oz. bottle and shake. Make sure to relive excessive pressure from bottle as it creates anhydrous pnemonia. let set and build some pressure for 1 hour. Place 5 coffee filters on top of dry mason jar. Strain liquid through coffee filters into mason jar. rinse and dry completely one 2 liter and pour 1 cup of salt into 2 liter. Pour 10 drops of liquid drano into 2liter on top of salt. cut a hole in cap and run 2 feet of dry clear see through gas line into 2 liter cap. it will then create smoke. You then stick gas line into strained mason jar with starter fluid. squeeze 2 liter to create smoke in mason jar liquid creating meth. repeat process staring every other squeeze after 5 or 6 times it will drop meth crystals in jar.